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Tuesday, March 19





Advance the Executive: Transforming the Executive Assistant Scott 220Tamra Malone • Lavonue Scannell Building Spaces of Trust: How each person can foster an environment of inclusion and mentoring Heath 104Estella Cruz, M.S. • Wendeth J. Rauf, M.S. Christian Spirituality: A Proposal for Leadership Gender Challenges Heath 105Gayle & Roger Heuser Developing Grit, Purpose and Self-Efficiency in a world waiting for Superman Scott 227Amanda Slaughter, M.A. Emotional Neglect: The Silent Relationship Killer Heath 109Debbie Steel, PhD From Diminished to Empowered: A Transformational Leadership Approach Scott 229Jamie Brownlee, PhD Intentional Internships Scott 130Kayli Hillebrand, M.A. • Vanessa Rodriguez Lead with Integrity Through Positive Politics Heath 108Bonni Stachowiak • April Akinloye, PhD Leadership Lessons from Deborah, the Judge of Israel Heath 101Enid Bozic, M.A. Leading From the Middle Heath 103Joy Karavedas Practical Approaches to Becoming an Actively Anti-Racist Institution Heath 102Belle Barthelmess Spiritual Resilience in the Workplace Heath 100Anne Warner & Sarah Brown The Stained Glass Partition: Collegial Cross-Sex Relationships in the Christian University Scott 228Leanne M. Dzubinski, Ph.D. • Rich Starcher, PhD Which "good" Behaviors Backfire? Authentic, responsible, and other types of positive leadership in the context of gendered and culturally embedded perceptions of leaders.  Scott 131Ludmila N. Praslova, PhD Women Honored, Women Empowered: Groundbreaking Leaders in Pauline Communities Heath 106Drake Levasheff, PhD Working Together Using Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies Heath 107Genie Cormode Yes Virginia, Diversity in Hiring is Possible! Scott 221Martha Hunyadi • Jim Rispin




Advance Yourself: Strategies for Overcoming Self-Limiting Behaviors Heath 103Sandy Intraversato • Deborah Taylor, PhD Advocating for Yourself: Knowing When and How to Speak Up Scott 227Megan Burns, M.A. & Teresa Reynolds, M.A. Authentic Informal Leadership: Stories from the Trenches Scott 220Mary Ann Pearson, PhD • Julie Browning & Cammy Purper, PhD Creating Safe Spaces for Growth: Advancing Women through Mentorship and Sponsorship Heath 107Karen Ann Tremper Embracing Your Strengths & Calling with Confidence: Motivators for Women to Lead Scott 229Karen Longman, PhD Enneagram Integration in the Workplace Heath 101Lacy Tannous, M.S. • Estella Cruz, M.S. Higher Ed and the Home: A Roundtable for Working Mothers Scott 228Jennifer Russum, Natalie Berger & Joy Thompson Leadership During Crisis: Reflections on the Borderline Shooting and Woolsey Fire Scott 221Connie Horton, PhD, Kindy Pfremmer De Long, PhD, & Sara Barton, DMin Leading with Faith: Q & A with Dr. Conde Frazier Heath 105Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, PhD Leading with Trust: How Women and Men Lead Best Together Heath 109Beth Schwartz Moral Injury and Betrayal Trauma: How to move from injury to empowerment Heath 106Sibylle Georgianna, Ph. D • Katelyn Lee Preachers, Prophets, and Spiritual Mothers: A Conversation with Women in Campus Ministry Heath 104Jamie Noling-Auth, PhD • Melanie Wolf, M.A. Re-thinking Mentoring Heath 108Jenn Graffius, M.Div • Coba Canales, M.Div., Ed. D. The Power of Language: Giving Women a Voice in Higher Education Heath 102Lauren Bournique, M.A. The Seven C’s of Transformative Leadership Scott 131Wendy Billock, PhD Uniquely Gifted Scott 130Tracey Stringer, M.Div Where Should I Lead? 35 Years of Experience in Non-Profit, Church, and Academic Worlds Heath 100Kelly Soifer